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Cariboni ALINOX monorail busbar is suitable for high current, large overhead crane, hoists and other mobile machine applications. ALINOX has been designed to supply, up to a maximum continues current, of 1300 Amps.

  • Hamilton Pow-R-Safe will be offering 3 different current ratings for the ALINOX range. 900A – 1100A and 1300A. There are a number of unique features for this high current ALINOX conductor rail busbar system:

  • The 3 current ratings have the same outer dimensions. It is the conductor material thickness that varies between the 3 ranges.

  • Due to this innovative design, the 3 ranges share all components such as joints, feeds, hangers, collectors etc…

  • The insulation cover for the ALINOX is available in two compounds which allow different working temperature environments.

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