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Our CATENARY System is based on a wire rope designed for the support and conveyance of power to overhead travelling cranes, hoists, jibs and monorails, mobile material handling machines and other travelling equipment. 

The various system components have been designed to work with flat and round cable of varying thicknesses, widths and diameters. 

In order to produce a smooth operation and minimal wear on the trolley wheels, our CATENARY system utilises a PVC coated galvanized steel cable of 6mm diameter. The cable supports are designed to support a maximum run of 30 metres of cable.



  • Utilizes a PVC coated galvanized wire rope.

  • Cable hangers support a maximum length of 30 metre runs.

  • Variety of trolleys to suit both budget and application.

  • Adapted for both round and flat cable.

  • Designed for ease of installation requiring no special tools.

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